Ejemplos de imágenes y sus respectivos prompts generadas con Leonardo AI.

En este post te hablé de la inteligencia artificial Leonardo AI y sus diferentes posibilidades. A continuación te presentaré algunas imágenes generadas con esta aplicación y sus respectivos prompts para que te puedas animar e inspirar en la creación de tus proyectos.

Prompt: high quality image of an astronaut looking from his spaceship at the earth

Prompt: A black and white coloring page of a mysterious and enigmatic cartoon cat. The cat has a thick dark coat, with piercing eyes and a serene yet intriguing expression. It is in a graceful pose, with its head slightly bowed and its front legs crossed.The detailed description of this drawing would highlight the subtle details in the cat’s fur, such as shading and textures, as well as the intensity of his gaze. The background would be a night setting, with moonlight filtering through the branches of the trees.The environment of the scene would be full of mystery and tranquility, with a deep silence broken only by the whisper of the wind. The atmosphere would be enigmatic and captivating, conveying a sense of hidden secrets and silent wisdom.This black and white cartoon cat coloring page will be done in a detailed illustration style, with smooth lines and subtle shading to create an effect of mystery and depth. The result will be an image that arouses the curiosity and imagination

Prompt: (masterpiece), realistic, (27yr old female), beautiful face, wearing a Simple beige shirt and denim skirt, studio lighting, cinematic light, beautiful woman, beautiful black eyes, milk beige middle hair, perfect anatomy, very cute smile, princess eyes , (black eyes), (head frame), center image, style, bioluminescent, 8 life size, 8k Resolution, human hands, curiously complete, elegant, close to perfection, dynamic, highly detailed, character sheet, concept art, smooth, positioned so that their bodies are symmetrical and balanced directly towards the viewer, amazing Incredibly beautiful 20-something japanese girl, detailed hairstyles.

Negative Prompt (((2 heads))), (((2 face))), (((duplicate))), ((malformed hand)), ((deformed arm)), ((freckle)), naked, man, men, blurry, abstract, deformed, thick eyebrows, cartoon, animated, toy, figure, framed, 3d, cartoon, bad art, deformed, poorly drawn, extra limbs, close up, weird colors, blurry, watermark, blur haze, long neck, watermark, elongated body, cropped image, out of frame, draft, (((deformed hands))), ((twisted fingers)), double image, ((malformed hands)), multiple heads, extra limb, ugly, ((poorly drawn hands)), missing limb, cut-off, grain, bad anatomy, poorly drawn face, mutation, mutated, floating limbs, disconnected limbs, out of focus, long body, disgusting, extra fingers, (weird figure), missing arms, mutated hands, cloned face, missing legs, long neck

Prompt: a hyper real ghostly specter in a dark room set in the 1800s with vintage elements

Prompt: a realistic masterpiece of the milky way

Prompt: high quality cartoon horse for coloring

Prompt: electrical storm and tornado in a hyper real rainy night

Prompt: hyper real night cemetery with scary fog

Prompt: a beautiful landscape of forests and hyper real mountains with a beautiful sunset and gentle water currents

Prompt: masterpiece of a great labyrinth seen from the heights in the twilight of the night and a person at its entrance

Estas imágenes fueron generadas con la inteligencia artificial Leonardo AI. Te animo a conocer las grandes posibilidades de esta IA tanto como para generar arte e imágenes para tus proyectos. Recuerda que los prompts utilizados se deben escribir en idioma inglés.